Rosalyn Wrobel, Owner, LMT, Herbalist

Rosalyn Wrobel

Rosalyn Wrobel is a therapeutic massage therapist and herbalist. Rosalyn specializes in injury prevention and recovery. Helping clients find solutions to imbalances or dis-eases through empowerment and education is the foundation of the care that Rosalyn provides. After a consultation and evaluation, care is customized to meet the clients therapeutic goal through a variety of massage techniques including: Craniosacral Therapy, Oncology, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Sports, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Reiki, Positional Release, and Swedish. When indicated, care may be enhanced through Rosalyn’s training as a Certified Herbalist, or through a carefully selected healthcare team of trusted doctors and therapists.

When Rosalyn was 9 years old, she was diagnosed with a severe case of congenital hip dysplasia. Her case required several surgeries and years of care. That experience taught Rosalyn what it was like to be broken down and also how to rebuild. Rebuilding meant utilizing both conventional and holistic/alternative healthcare, offering her a perspective on balance and the importance of proactive planning, healthcare teams and support. Being so challenged at an early age, Rosalyn gained an appreciation for value of true health and function.

Rosalyn loves hiking in the White Mountains, going to the beach, enjoys meditation, traveling, learning, and playing with her children. Rosalyn has always had a great passion and love for community and supporting our children, holding onto the belief that “it takes a village”. Creating Sparrow Holistic Health Center was done with the intention to help bring community together and create a space that will offer support to children.

“Our society has created many broken systems, I want to be able to help fix this and offer our children a solid foundation to grow from. I believe strongly that if we expect anything to change or get better, we have to start by giving our children something different…something better than what “we” had, by looking at the truths that stare us in the face rather than pretend we don’t see. I have realized how difficult it is to fix any large problem alone, which is why bringing our community back together is so important. It’s a belief that we are supposed to go at things alone that cripples us…but there isn’t a single one of us that can do everything well. It’s through this center that I hope to give our kids and community something different, something better.”

Rosalyn believes in living life to the fullest and taking on new challenges with one goal in mind, to live. “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention to arrive safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow!! What a ride!”

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You know how there are certain people who make a genuine difference in your life? Rosalyn is one of those for me. While I’ve enjoyed her massages both for relaxation and therapy, she is most definitely an important part of my healing arsenal for neck and shoulder pain. Ros is both skillful and compassionate, and continually educates herself for the benefit of her clients. I highly recommend her!

Michelle L.

My husband and I have been seeing Rosalyn for over a year now and highly recommend her. I had never received a deep tissue massage like I have from her. Her strength is amazing. She is intuitive to my aches and problem areas and knows exactly how to work them out. She has a gift and is clearly doing what she was meant to do. Thank you Rosalyn.

Aimee S.

Rosalyn has a unique therapuetic gift. At my first massage appointment with her, she instinctually knew where my back pain that I had for a while was stemming from. After an hour appointment I had never felt so good and continued to feel well for weeks after. She is very professional and has an impressive knowledge of the body that guides her hands to heal. Her blissful energy is contagious and I always leave her sessions feeling better physically AND mentally. I highly recommend Rosalyn and am so thankful she has come into my life.


I can’t say enough amazing things about Heidi. Before I started going to her I was on all sorts of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. She helped me get to a place where I no longer needed to be on them. Sessions with her are amazing. She’s such a free spirit and easy to talk to but also maintains a level of professionalism. I’ve always walked away from a session feeling renewed and rejuvenated. She’s done more for me than modern medicine could ever do.
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