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Swedish Massage

This is a wonderful, full body massage that incorporates the principals of Swedish Massage.  The pressure of this massage is usually light to medium pressure and offers ultimate relaxation.


Reiki is calming energy work which subtly stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism. Reiki can aid in relieving stress, pain, migraines, & lethargy and has been know to be helpful for people suffering with chronic pain.

½ Hour Session…..$35.00
1 Hour Session…..$65.00
1 ½ Session…..$105.00

Prepay for 6 sessions and save with our value package rates
½ Hour Session…..$180.00 (save $30)
1 Hour Session…..$330.00 (save $60)
1 ½ Hour Session…..$540.00 (save $90)


Neuromuscular / Trigger Point Release / Deep Tissue

Trigger points, more commonly known as knots, are small areas of tension in the muscles.  This tension creates toxic build-up in the area causing pain.  Neuromuscular massage incorporates pressure point techniques and deep tissue massage to eliminate the trigger point and flush out the toxins in the tissue.  Your therapist will always monitor the pressure used so that it is within your tolerance.

Craniosacral Therapy

CSR is a gentle, hands-on method that can affect the body’s innermost system, which includes the membranes along your skull and spine, spinal fluid, and spinal cord.  Using gentle pressure, restrictions in this system can be released, which can enhance the overall function of your nervous system and strengthen your body’s resistance to disease.  This work is effective for a wide range of problems associated with pain and dysfunction.

Reference for more information on Craniosacral Therapy.

Sports Massage

Sports massage combines massage techniques and stretching to help enhance your athletic performance and assist in preventing injury. Focus is given to specific muscles based on your sport or fitness activity and needs.

Positional Release Therapy

Positional Release Therapy is……

Hot Stone Massage <Not offered at this time>

If you like heat then you will love a hot stone massage. Massage strokes are given with the use of hot stones to help “melt away” tissue tension. Relax with warm sweeping strokes that will sooth muscles and help relieve your pain.  Hot Stones may be added to any treatment, please add $10)

½ Hour Session…..$45.00
1 Hour Session…..$80.00
1 ½ Session…..$120.00
2 Hour Session….$160.00

*For Hot Stone Massage add $10 per session.

Prepay for 6 sessions and save with our value package rates
½ Hour Session…..$240.00 (save $30)
1 Hour Session…..$420.00 (save $60)
1 ½ Session…..$660.00 (save $90)
2 Hour Session….$930.00 (save $30)

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You know how there are certain people who make a genuine difference in your life? Rosalyn is one of those for me. While I’ve enjoyed her massages both for relaxation and therapy, she is most definitely an important part of my healing arsenal for neck and shoulder pain. Ros is both skillful and compassionate, and continually educates herself for the benefit of her clients. I highly recommend her!

Michelle L.

My husband and I have been seeing Rosalyn for over a year now and highly recommend her. I had never received a deep tissue massage like I have from her. Her strength is amazing. She is intuitive to my aches and problem areas and knows exactly how to work them out. She has a gift and is clearly doing what she was meant to do. Thank you Rosalyn.

Aimee S.

Rosalyn has a unique therapuetic gift. At my first massage appointment with her, she instinctually knew where my back pain that I had for a while was stemming from. After an hour appointment I had never felt so good and continued to feel well for weeks after. She is very professional and has an impressive knowledge of the body that guides her hands to heal. Her blissful energy is contagious and I always leave her sessions feeling better physically AND mentally. I highly recommend Rosalyn and am so thankful she has come into my life.


I can’t say enough amazing things about Heidi. Before I started going to her I was on all sorts of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. She helped me get to a place where I no longer needed to be on them. Sessions with her are amazing. She’s such a free spirit and easy to talk to but also maintains a level of professionalism. I’ve always walked away from a session feeling renewed and rejuvenated. She’s done more for me than modern medicine could ever do.
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